Gate Valves

Gate valves are one of the most common valves in use today. Typically comprising of a body, bonnet, gate and stem. The gate is moved across the body by the stem, in a linear motion, which then shuts off the flow of fluid. Generally, gate valves will stop flow in either direction.

Although the torque requirements are low, the manual operating time is typically the longest of all valve types. The main advantage of a gate valve is that the gate fully retracts, resulting in full and uninterrupted flow with minimal pressure drop. Due to the full gate retraction, the overall body size is larger than other types of valves.

Extensively used as an isolation valve for water, steam, gas and oil. Partial opening and closing for regulation purposes is not advised. All types of gate valves are available with manual operation, or via actuation.

Variants and Options include:

  • Solid and Flexible Wedge
  • Rising and Non-rising stem
  • Conduit
  • Parallel Slide
  • Knife Gate
  • Penstock

Filter by Type/Material

  • All
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Flanged
  • Forged Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Threaded

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