Globe Valves

Globe valves differ from gate valves in the way the disc movement is parallel with the direction of flow. The torque applied through the operator directly clamps the sealing surfaces together. The manual operating time is approximately ¼ of that of an equally sized gate valve. Because of this, globe valves are better suited to applications where frequent operation is required. However the operating torque required to operate is higher.

Although full flow is achieved, pressure drops occur due to the liquid changing course, an important factor should the valve be used in a mainly open position. Globe valves can be used as a regulating/throttling valve, and because of this, are the most common valve type in control applications.

Typically, flow is from under to over the disc but the valve can be operated from over to under the disc should the application require it.

Variants and Options include:

  • Straight, angled or oblique pattern
  • Bellows stem seal
  • Screw down non-return (check valve)

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