Spare Coils

  • Spare solenoid coils to suit solenoid valves
  • 3 Pin DIN connection
  • Plugs not included

Solenoid valve coils come in a huge range of sizes, voltages, IP protection levels, temperature ratings and power levels. If you are replacing a solenoid coil, it is advisable to match the coil to the valve according to brand to ensure it works correctly. Our generic coils are listed below, but if you have a specific brand of valve then please contact us for a quotation.

When measuring a coil, you need to measure accurately the internal diameter (bore) of the coil. Many solenoid coils may be fitted with a top plate with a reduced diameter to aid secure fitment to the armature / core tube. Then the depth of the internal core needs to be measured and compared with the height dimension.
Please check the technical details on the coil to ensure its suitability. Also ensure that the selected voltage is correct as generally they are not universal.

Spare coils purchased online are non-returnable.

General Product Dimensions

Order CodeWidth (mm)Bore (mm)Height (mm)Power W (24VDC)Power VA (230VAC)ClassFitmentIP Rating
2200122929.54.56Class FDIN 43650BIP65
220033014.6421517.6Class HDIN 43650AIP65
220053614.64218.525Class HDIN 43650AIP65
WPG136.51337.51211.2Class HDIN 43650AIP65
2800221030.9711.5Class FDIN 43650BIP65
3A00301030.5811Class FDIN 43650AIP65
3000301338.61015Class FDIN 43650AIP65
3600361338.52424Class FDIN 43650AIP65

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