Series 23 ISO B12 Pneumatic Couplings

  • The ISO B12 range of couplings and adaptors are suitable for most compressed air applications
  • Used in most workshop and garage environments
  • Wide choice of thread and hose tail sizes

This ISO B12 range of couplings offers excellent flow characteristics for industrial applications where this adaptor profile is required.

  • 5.5mm Nominal Bore
  • Interchangeable with Rectus 23/24


Order CodeSize
PC23S04M1/4" Male BSPT
PC23S06M3/8" Male BSPT
PC23S08M1/2" Male BSPT
PC23S04F1/4" Female BSPP
PC23S06F3/8" Female BSPP
PC23S08F1/2" Female BSPP
PC23S04H1/4" Hose Tail
PC23S05H5/16" Hose Tail
PC23S06H3/8" Hose Tail
PC23S08H1/2" Hose Tail


Order CodeSize
PC23P04M1/4" Male BSPT
PC23P06M3/8" Male BSPT
PC23P08M1/2" Male BSPT
PC23P04F1/4" Female BSPP
PC23P06F3/8" Female BSPP
PC23P08F1/2" Female BSPP
PC23P04H1/4" Hose Tail
PC23P05H5/16" Hose Tail
PC23P06H3/8" Hose Tail
PC23P08H1/2" Hose Tail

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