Pneumatic Actuator – Quarter Turn

  • Rack and pinon design semi-rotary drive
  • Spring return and double acting versions
  • Namur accessory mounting
  • Bi-directional stroke adjustment bolts
  • Modular preloaded spring cartridges
  • -20°C to +80°C

Proval A210 Series pneumatic actuators are a compact design rack and pinion semi-rotary actuator. Suitable for many quarter turn applications, specifically designed for valve automation. Torque figures range from 9 to 9787 Nm are well suited to part-turn valves such as plug, ball and butterfly valves.

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General Product Information

Order CodeTypeOutput Torque @ 6 BAROrder CodeTypeOutput Torque @ 6 BAR 0degrees 12 Springs
SVDA-40Double Acting20SVSR-52Spring Return13.8
SVDA-52Double Acting24SVSR-63Spring Return27.3
SVDA-63Double Acting44SVSR-83Spring Return34.9
SVDA-75Double Acting60SVSR-75Spring Return56.1
SVDA-83Double Acting94SVSR-92Spring Return79.4
SVDA-92Double Acting136SVSR-105Spring Return122.5
SVDA-105Double Acting200SVSR-125Spring Return176
SVDA-125Double Acting301SVSR-140Spring Return307
SVDA-140Double Acting513SVSR-160Spring Return463
SVDA-160Double Acting798SVSR-190Spring Return797
SVDA-190Double Acting1277SVSR-210Spring Return936
SVDA-210Double Acting1596SVSR-240Spring Return1323
SVDA-240Double Acting2309SVSR-270Spring Return2167
SVDA-270Double Acting3510SVSR-300Spring Return2631
SVDA-300Double Acting4578SVSR-350Spring Return3726
SVDA-350Double Acting6854SVSR-400Spring Return6268
SVDA-400Double Acting9767

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