PCL Airflow Pneumatic Couplings

  • The PCL Airflow Couplings and adaptors are suitable for most compressed air applications
  • Used in most workshop and garage environments
  • Wide choice of thread and hose tail sizes

The Airflow Coupling is the original quick-release coupling with over 50 years of design enhancements, and is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

  • 4.8mm Nominal Bore
  • 43 cfm Maximum Flow Rate
  • 14 BAR Maximum Working Pressure
  • Interchangeable with Rectus 19


Order CodeSize
AC21CM021/4" Male BSPT
AC21EM023/8" Male BSPT
AC21JM021/2" Male BSPT
AC21CF021/4" Female BSPP
AC21EF023/8" Female BSPP
AC21JF021/2" Female BSPP
AC21R021/4" Hose Tail
AC21S023/8" Hose Tail
AC21T021/2" Hose Tail


Order CodeSize
ACA25931/4" Male BSPT
ACA69093/8" Male BSPT
ACA65841/2" Male BSPT
ACA27461/4" Female BSPP
ACA65823/8" Female BSPP
ACA65831/2" Female BSPP
ACA17931/4" Hose Tail
ACA24873/8" Hose Tail
ACA24881/2" Hose Tail

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