Camozzi Series 63 ISO/VDMA Cylinder

  • Diameter 32mm – 320mm
  • Conforms to ISO 15552
  • High Performance Cushioning
  • Double Acting
  • Extensive Accessories

Standard stroke lengths are listed, however there are many variants so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Part NumberBore Size (mm)Stroke Length (mm)Port Size
63MP2C032A00253225G 1/8
63MP2C032A00503250G 1/8
63MP2C032A00803280G 1/8
63MP2C032A010032100G 1/8
63MP2C032A012532125G 1/8
63MP2C032A016032160G 1/8
63MP2C032A020032200G 1/8
63MP2C032A025032250G 1/8
63MP2C032A032032320G 1/8
63MP2C040A00504050G 1/4
63MP2C040A00804080G 1/4
63MP2C040A010040100G 1/4
63MP2C040A012540125G 1/4
63MP2C040A016040160G 1/4
63MP2C040A020040200G 1/4
63MP2C040A025040250G 1/4
63MP2C040A032040320G 1/4
63MP2C050A00255025G 1/4
63MP2C050A00505050G 1/4
63MP2C050A00805080G 1/4
63MP2C050A010050100G 1/4
63MP2C050A012550125G 1/4
63MP2C050A016050160G 1/4
63MP2C050A020050200G 1/4
63MP2C050A025050250G 1/4
63MP2C050A032050320G 1/4
63MP2C063A00256325G 3/8
63MP2C063A00506350G 3/8
63MP2C063A00806380G 3/8
63MP2C063A010063100G 3/8
63MP2C063A012563125G 3/8
63MP2C063A016063160G 3/8
63MP2C063A020063200G 3/8
63MP2C063A025063250G 3/8
63MP2C063A032063320G 3/8
63MP2C080A00258025G 3/8
63MP2C080A00508050G 3/8
63MP2C080A00808080G 3/8
63MP2C080A010080100G 3/8
63MP2C080A016080160G 3/8
63MP2C080A020080200G 3/8
63MP2C080A025080250G 3/8
63MP2C080A032080320G 3/8
63MP2C100A002510025G 1/2
63MP2C100A005010050G 1/2
63MP2C100A008010080G 1/2
63MP2C100A0100100100G 1/2
63MP2C100A0125100125G 1/2
63MP2C100A0160100160G 1/2
63MP2C100A0200100200G 1/2
63MP2C100A0250100250G 1/2
63MP2C100A0320100320G 1/2

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