Brass Solenoid Valve Direct Acting 2/2 N/C

  • Female BSPP x Female BSPP
  • 2/2 Normally Closed Direct Acting
  • Brass Body
  • Media Air/Water/Gas/Light Oil/Vacuum
  • Complete with IP65 LED Connector and Coil
  • Ambient -10°C to +50°C

General Product Dimensions

Order CodeSizeOrificeMinMax ACMax DC
SVA103 + seal + voltage - 181/8"3.0mm0 BAR10 BAR7 BAR
SVA104 + seal + voltage - 181/8"4.0mm0 BAR5 BAR5 BAR
SVA105 + seal + voltage - 181/8"5.0mm0 BAR5 BAR3.5 BAR
SVA103 + seal + voltage - 141/4"3.0mm0 BAR10 BAR7 BAR
SVA104 + seal + voltage - 141/4"4.0mm0 BAR7 BAR5 BAR
SVA105 + seal + voltage - 141/4"5.0mm0 BAR5 BAR3.5 BAR
SVA104 + seal + voltage - 383/8"4.0mm0 BAR10 BAR7 BAR
SVA106 + seal + voltage - 383/8"6.0mm0 BAR5 BAR3.5 BAR
SVA108 + seal + voltage - 383/8"8.0mm0 BAR2 BAR1.4 BAR
SVA106 + seal + voltage - 121/2"6.0mm0 BAR5 BAR3.5 BAR
SVA108 + seal + voltage - 121/2"8.0mm0 BAR2 BAR1.4 BAR

Seal Options

  • NBR +80°C
  • SILICONE +120°C
  • EPDM +120°C
  • FKM +120°C
  • PTFE +120°C

Voltage Options

  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC
  • 24VAC
  • 110VAC
  • 230VAC

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