Safety and Relief Valves

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Our wide range of safety valves for many different applications, media and temperatures. There is a technically and economically optimal version for each and every application. Our valves distinguish themselves through exceptional performance combined with a compact design.

Pressure relief valves/overflow/pressure control valves are valves which have a proportional opening and closing characteristic. They are particularly suitable for test rigs, pump circuits or as pressure control or pressure relief valves. They are usually used to protect an existing pump in a closed-circuit from overloading and overheating. The medium can then circulate through the bypass system of the pump or through the piping network.

Pressure reducing valves from Southern Valve are available in a wide range of sizes, in order to offer the right solution for a wide variety of applications and connection types. Whether stainless steel or gunmetal in all-metal design. Flanged or threaded connection, you will find that we can offer you the optimum combination for your application.