SVNT - Nylon Tube

Nylon Tube

30m Coil


  • Natural Colour - Other colours available on request
  • Suitable for Compressed Air
  • Highly Flexible
  • -10°C to +80°C

Code Size ID OD Max
SVNTM04/025 4mm 2.5mm 4mm 570 PSI
SVNTM05/030 5mm 3.0mm 5mm 630 PSI
SVNTM06/040 6mm 4.0mm 6mm 495 PSI
SVNTM08/060 8mm 6.0mm 8mm 360 PSI
SVNTM10/080 10mm 8.0mm 10mm 285 PSI
SVNTM12/100 12mm 10.0mm 12mm 225 PSI
Code Size ID OD Max
SVNTI18/075 1/8" 0.075" 1/8" 300 PSI
SVNTI316/117 3/16" 0.117" 3/16" 300 PSI
SVNTI14/170 1/4" 0.17" 1/4" 300 PSI
SVNTI38/250 3/8" 0.25" 3/8" 250 PSI
SVNTI12/375 1/2" 0.375" 1/2" 250 PSI

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