SV50SE - Pneumatic Actuated Cast Iron Butterfly Valve Wafer Pattern EPDM

Pneumatic Actuated Cast Iron Butterfly Valve Wafer Pattern EPDM


  • Cast Iron GG25 Body
  • 316 Stainless Steel Disc
  • EPDM Seats
  • Wafer Type to Suit PN6/10/16 ANSI 150
  • Supplied Fully Assembled and Tested

Pneumatic Actuated Double Acting

Code Size L Max
SV50SE-DA-50 DN50 43 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-65 DN65 46 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-80 DN580 46 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-100 DN100 52 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-125 DN125 56 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-150 DN150 56 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-200 DN200 60 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-250 DN250 68 16 Bar
SV50SE-DA-300 DN300 78 16 Bar

Pneumatic Actuated Spring Return

Code Size L Max
SV50SE-SR-50 DN50 43 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-65 DN65 46 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-80 DN580 46 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-100 DN100 52 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-125 DN125 56 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-150 DN150 56 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-200 DN200 60 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-250 DN250 68 16 Bar
SV50SE-SR-300 DN300 78 16 Bar
Ductile Iron Disc Available on Request

Important Note: Actuators are sized for water at ambient temperatures. Please specify the operating conditions when ordering to ensure that the valves operate correctly once installed. Pneumatic actuators require a minimum of 6 BAR compressed air pressure to operate correctly.

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