Series 23 ISO B12 Standard Coupling

Coupling Size
PC23S04M 1/4 Male BSPT
PC23S06M 3/8 Male BSPT
PC23S08M 1/2 Male BSPT
PC23S04F 1/4 Female BSPP
PC23S06F 3/8 Female BSPP
PC23S08F 1/2 Female BSPP
PC23S04H 1/4 Hose Tail
PC23S05H 5/16 Hose Tail
PC23S06H 3/8 Hose Tail
PC23S08H 1/2 Hose Tail

Plug Size
PC23P04M 1/4 Male BSPT
PC23P06M 3/8 Male BSPT
PC23P08M 1/2 Male BSPT
PC23P04F 1/4 Female BSPP
PC23P06F 3/8 Female BSPP
PC23P08F 1/2 Female BSPP
PC23P04H 1/4 Hose Tail
PC23P05H 5/16 Hose Tail
PC23P06H 3/8 Hose Tail
PC23P08H 1/2 Hose Tail

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