Goetze 642 - Angle Type Safety Valve

Angle Type Safety Valve

For the Protection of Pressure Vessels and Systems

Goetze 642

  • Gunmetal Body
  • Set and Sealed at the factory
  • PTFE Seat with EPDM Diaphragm
  • Lifting Lever
  • Screwed BSPP Female
  • -50°C to +200°C (PTFE Seat with EPDM Diaphragm)

The safety valves series Goetze 642 are used to protect pressure vessels and pressure systems for neutral and non-neutral vapours, gases and liquids. They are also applied in steam boilers and steam plants for steam, taking into account the plant-specific regulations and making use of the suitable valve versions and sealing materials. The fields of application of these multi-purpose safety valves range from heating and air conditioning as well as machinery and boiler engineering to marine equipment.

In addition to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC and approval under the applicable Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkWV), Goetze valves also comply with the standards preferred in the UK with respect to ratios of inlet and outlet sizes. Similar to other valves available in the market, such as Nabic type 500 or the type 542, where the outlet connections are also larger by one nominal size. Thus, the new valves can be used 1:1 in all areas of application.

Moreover, Goetze safety valves provide a number of further advantages as the user can easily recognise grom their design. This already starts with valve labelling since Goetze uses high-precision laser technology to provide the fittings with all required information. This way, all information is directly engraved on the housing. It will never come off, even after several years of operation, and will always remain legible.

What stands out in particular is the lifting lever used for functional checks and manual actuation of the valves. In contrast to conventional valves, it does not operate a continuous spindle lifting the disc from the seat but a so-called decoupled spinde which is typical of Goetze. It fulfills the same function upon actuation of the lifting lever. However, if the lever is blocked from the outside due to special circumstances, the valve´s safety function remains in place. Another design feature is that the entire spindle constitutes a complete unit assembly which does not have to be disassembled, e.g. during replacement with spare parts. It can be replaced as a whole, greatly facilitating assembly and maintenance. In this context, the high-quality moulded diaphragm should also be noted thanks to which the valves can be employed as gas-tight safety valves for combustible and toxic media.

The experienced user will also recognise the benefits of the new safety valves series 642 and 645 when looking at design details, e.g. the seal assembly. Here, Goetze realised the medium side, from which the seal is usually fastened with a disc and washer, in such a way that it presents a completely smooth surface. This prevents the accumulation of dirt such as calcification which could cause leakage or impair function. While PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) seals are used as standard, soft EPDM (ethylene propylene diene) and FKM (Fluorcarbon) seals are also available for optimum adaptation of the valves to their specific purpose. For example, they ensure improved tightness and a considerably lower risk of soiling in water and hot water applications.

Therefore, the new safety valves series 642 and 645 represent high-performance valves designed for easy use in all respects with a long lifetime and low maintenance requirements. Even the valve setting, essentially carried out by means of spring pressure, can be done by certified distributors themselves. Generally though, the valves are set at the factory for pressures of 0.5 to 16 bar in increments of one tenth and delivered sealed - and this is done quickly within just three to five days.

Code Size Max
642mGFL-15-ff-1515-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 1/2" 16 Bar
642mGFL-20-ff-2020-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 3/4" 16 Bar
642mGFL-25-ff-2525-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 1" 16 Bar
642mGFL-32-ff-3232-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 1.1/4" 16 Bar
642mGFL-40-ff-4040-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 1.1/2" 16 Bar
642mGFL-50-ff-5050-PTFE/EPDM-SET* 2" 16 Bar

*Range of adjustment between 0.5 - 16 BAR

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