Goetze 618 - Overflow and Pressure Control Valve

Overflow and Pressure Control Valve

For the Protection of Pumps and the Control of Systems Under Pressure

Goetze 618

  • Gunmetal Body
  • Lifting Lever (Non-gas tight version)
  • NBR Seat
  • Screwed BSPP Female
  • -30°C to +120°C (NBR Seat)

Robust, proportional overflow valve - gastight version. All-round overflow valve for pump protection and bypass control applications, due to its compact design, possibility of user-adjustment within the ranges as well as various sealing materials.

Code Size Max
618sGFL-10ff-1010-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 3/8" 20 Bar
618sGFL-15ff-1515-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 1/2" 20 Bar
618sGFL-20ff-2020-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 3/4" 20 Bar
618sGFL-25ff-2525-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 1" 20 Bar
618sGFL-32ff-3232-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 1.1/4" 20 Bar
618sGFL-40ff-4040-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 1.1/2" 20 Bar
618sGFL-50ff-5050-NBR-RANGE* or SET** 2" 20 Bar

*Range of adjustment between 0.2 - 0.8 BAR, 0.5 - 2.5 BAR, 2 - 12 BAR, 12 - 20 BAR (PTFE Seat Only)

**Can be set at the factory

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