Actuated Valves

Southern Valve offers a comprehensive range of actuators for ball and butterfly valves. Most of our valves are fitted directly to quarter turn pneumatic or electric (motorised) actuators. All of our actuated valve assemblies are built to order in house, and subject to full testing and serial number traceability.

Pneumatic Actuators

The Southern Valve range of European made pneumatic actuators are of a rack and pinion design and offers a long life and great value. Versions are available in double acting (DA) or spring return (SR). Both offer quick operation and the spring return version offers a fail safe should compressed air be lost. Actuators are sized at a minimum 6BAR pilot pressure. Custom assemblies can be achieved depending on the application, and accessories include solenoid valves (namur valves), switchboxes and positioners.

Electric Actuators

The Southern Valve range of electric actuators are suitable where there is no compressed air available, and can be controlled by all major voltages. Our actuators are sized suitably for the valve and process being used, and can be customised with positioner cards, fail safe battery backup and ATEX versions are available on request.

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